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01 Alp Trupchun - CLOSED

One of the most frequented walks in the Park, in particular during the rutting season at the end of September.

Hiking trail
3 hours Length: 9.50 km

02 Fuorcla Trupchun - CLOSED

Quite steep in the upper region, this is a route for those who are sure-footed on slippery scree.

Hiking trail
2 hours 15 minutes Length: 3.00 km

03 Fuorcla Val Sassa - CLOSED

This challenging 8-hour alpine excursion is only recommended for sure-footed walkers with a head for heights.

Hiking trail
7 hours 30 minutes Length: 17.00 km

04 Piz Quattervals - CLOSED

A challenging ascent of the highest peak that lies entirely within the National Park.

Hiking trail
5 hours Length: 5.00 km

05 Val Tantermozza - CLOSED

This short hike leads through a sparse spruce-larch-pine forest with some impressive giant trees.

Hiking trail
40 minutes Length: 1.50 km

06 Murtaröl - CLOSED

This varied walk requires a certain amount of effort and is not often undertaken. It offers wonderful views into the Cluozza valley, towards the Engadine and the dominating peak of Piz Linard.

Hiking trail
3 hours 30 minutes Length: 8.00 km

07 Chamanna Cluozza - CLOSED

Comparable to a Swiss Alpine Club mountain hut, Chamanna Cluozza is the only hut within the Park that offers overnight accommodation; with 61 sleeps.

Hiking trail
3 hours 30 minutes Length: 8.00 km

08 Murtersattel - CLOSED

One of the Park’s classics: this is a walk that gives plenty of opportunity to observe animals, many species of flora, and fascinating geological features such as dinosaur tracks or fossilised corals.

Hiking trail
3 hours 45 minutes Length: 7.50 km

09 Margun Grimmels - CLOSED

This easy walk takes us from the Pass dal Fuorn road down to the Ova Spin compensation reservoir.

Hiking trail
1 hour 15 minutes Length: 3.50 km

10 Spöl valley - CLOSED

Less frequented than other routes, this relatively flat walk will suit those who are looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Woodland and waterside landscapes accompany us along its length.

Hiking trail
2 hours 45 minutes Length: 8.00 km

11 Alp la Schera - CLOSED

On this walk we go along a stretch of the historical former route to Livigno, where horse-driven carts still travelled in the early days of the Park.

Hiking trail
1 hour 15 minutes Length: 3.00 km

12 Grimmels - CLOSED

Provided the snow has already melted, it is possible to do this easy circular walk around the hillside of Las Crastatschas as early as mid-May. The first timid signs of spring can be seen then, and ungulates have not yet moved to the higher regions.

Hiking trail
2 hours 15 minutes Length: 6.00 km

13 Champlönch - CLOSED

This 2-hour walk follows the former Pass dal Fuorn road, offering pleasant views of the Pass dal Fuorn landscape with its typical stretches of mountain pine forest.

Hiking trail
2 hours Length: 5.00 km

14 Punt la Drossa – Il Fuorn - CLOSED

This trail leads from the customs house at Punt la Drossa/P4 to Il Fuorn/P6; we walk alongside the delightful Fuorn stream that manages most of the time to drown the sound of traffic on the Pass dal Fuorn road.

Hiking trail
1 hour Length: 2.50 km

15 Munt la Schera - CLOSED

Many people consider this to be the most enjoyable walk in the National Park.

Hiking trail
4 hours 45 minutes Length: 13.00 km

16 Fuorn valley - CLOSED

In the first section, from Il Fuorn to former P7, we see the impressive contrast between a humid alpine mixed forest and a dry mountain pine forest.

Hiking trail
1 hour 45 minutes Length: 5.00 km

17 Margunet - CLOSED

This well-frequented route has become increasingly popular since bearded vultures were released here between 1991 and 2007.

Hiking trail
3 hours Length: 8.00 km

18 Fuorcla Val dal Botsch - CLOSED

The walk over Fuorcla Val dal Botsch leads from the Pass dal Fuorn region to Val Mingèr, via a 2676 m high pass. It is normally passable from end of June to end of September.

Hiking trail
6 hours 45 minutes Length: 17.50 km

19 Val Mingèr - CLOSED

The last bear in Switzerland was shot in Val Mingèr in 1904. Unfortunately the Swiss National Park was only founded 10 years later and could not, therefore, offer any refuge for this creature.

Hiking trail
2 hours 15 minutes Length: 5.50 km

20 Mot Tavrü - CLOSED

Val Tavrü is of historic importance to the National Park. From 1911 to 1936, when the whole valley was part of the Park, it formed the boundary to our vast nature reserve.

Hiking trail
2 hours 15 minutes Length: 6.00 km

21 Lais da Macun - CLOSED

23 lakes, crystalline bedrock, rare plant species and a fantasy world of dragons and dwarfs all contribute to Macun’s renown as one of the pearls of the National Park.

Hiking trail
8 hours Length: 21.00 km