01 Alp Trupchun - PARTIALLY OPEN

Hiking trail

One of the most frequented walks in the Park, in particular during the rutting season at the end of September.

Mainly on the level, this walk is suitable even in bad weather. Plant and animal lovers will enjoy various opportunities to make interesting observations.

Mixed alpine forests with good opportunities for observing animals, in particular red deer, ibex and marmots; varied vegetation.

Follow-up hikes
Return to the starting point (via valley or altitude trail) or continuation on Route 02.

01 Alp Trupchun - PARTIALLY OPEN

Note: Please note that the way back must also be included! Distance and time indicated correspond to the way up to Alp Trupchun.

Difficulty: white-red-white / easy T2 (*)
Frequently visited, interesting even in bad weather, slippery when wet.
(*) Grading system SAC

Train station in S-chanf; from S-chanf (bus stop: S-chanf, Parc Naziunal) Prasüras can be reached with the Engadin Bus.
Express Parc Naziunel www.alpintrans.ch

  • child-friendly


June, July, August, September, October


9.50 km
Vertical heigth
400 m
Time required
3 hours
Level technique
Level condition


Starting point
Prasüras. Ab dem Bahnhof S-chanf ist Prasüras (Haltestelle: S-chanf, Parc Naziunal) mit dem Engadinbus (www.sbb.ch) oder mit dem Express Parc Naziunel (www.alpintrans.ch) erreichbar. (Altitude: 1669 m)
Arrival by public transport (stop/station)
S-chanf, Parc Naziunal Timetable SBB
Alp Trupchun (Altitude: 2042 m)


  • Picnicplace

Possibilities for catering

Parkhütte Varusch: www.varusch.ch


The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+
  • Families
  • Groups

The offer has been particularly developed for

  • First cycle (Kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade)
  • Second cycle (3rd - 6th grade, primary level)
  • Third cycle (1st – 3rd grade, lower secondary)
  • Upper Secondary School Classes
  • Association/Companies


Urtatsch 2
7530 Zernez
Telephone +41 (0)81 851 41 41
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01 Alp Trupchun - PARTIALLY OPEN

01 Alp Trupchun - PARTIALLY OPEN

Educational Excursions in the Swiss National Park

Experiencing nature is the main object of the Park’s excursions for children: finding things, observing, making comparisons, using all our senses to take note of what’s around us. Cost: CHF 380.– Duration: 6-7 hours (including lunch break)

Nature experience Guided tour / Excursion Offer for classes